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Anti Corruption Unit

Lt. Col. Edith Nakalema, Head of the Anti-Corruption Unit, State House

The Anti-Corruption Unit (ACU) is a one-stop-centre specialized office under State House whose function is to receive corruption information from Ugandan citizens over a secure and confidential online platform.

ACU is led by Lieutenant Colonel Edith Nakalema, whose mandate is to ensure that the fight against corruption is effective in an especially dynamic world where corruption has morphed and taken on new forms thereby making the old conventional methods not effective.

ACU receives complaints, causes investigations and prosecutions if need be, of persons involved in corruption within the public sector.

ACU will gather information on corruption occurring in Government and the public Sector from a variety of sources. These sources include members of the public, heads of government departments and agencies, officials working in both the public and private sectors and the media.

Corruption represents a major threat to rule of law and sustainable development in Uganda. It has a disproportionate, destructive impact on the poor and most vulnerable, but it is also quite simply bad for economic development in Uganda.

ACU will combat and prevent corruption, economic crime and unethical conduct in Uganda through law enforcement, prevention, public education, promotion of standards and practices of integrity.

The Citizens of Uganda are encouraged to report any forms of corruption on any of the channels below:

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